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Dodge ®Hub Nut Socket

Part No: 90703


Fits rear axle lock nuts of Dodge®/ Ram®trucks with six holes. Use this tool when removing and installing rear wheel hubs without the struggles and potential of damage other methods cause.

•Dodge® / Ram®Trucks 1500 -5500 model years 2006 –2014
•Reduces damage to components
•Great tool to use when torquing rear wheel bearings
•Heavy-duty, one-piece construction
•Direct comparison to Mopar® 8954A
•Rust resistant finish
•Utilizes a 3/8″ square drive

Detailed Applications: (Chassis Codes: D2, DC, DD, DH, DJ, DP, DR, DS)
2006 (Ram) –System (3-differential and driveline)
2007 (Ram) –System (3-differential and driveline)
2008 (Ram) –System (3-differential and driveline)
2009 (Ram 2500/3500) –System (3-differential and driveline)
2010 (Ram Cab Chassis, 1500, 2500, 4500) –System (3-differential and driveline)
2011 (Ram 1500) –System (3-differential and driveline)
2012 (Ram 1500) –System (3-differential and driveline)
2013 (Ram HD, Cab Chassis, 2500, 4500) –System (3-differential and driveline)
2014 (Ram HD, Cab Chassis, 2500, 4500, 4500/5500 Cab Chassis) –System (3-differential and driveline)