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Master Harmonic Balancer & Pulley Installer

Part No: 38500


Two of our best-selling harmonic balancer installation sets combined to create a true “Master Set”. A wide-ranging set applicable to nearly any domestic or foreign applications.


  • Install harmonic balancers on many popular late model Ford, GM, Dodge, and Chrysler engines with recessed threads for the crankshaft bolt and/or traditional setups
  • Can be used for the installing underdrive or oversized pulleys
  • Features four high-quality, long-reach threaded adapters, twelve standard, threaded adapters, force nut, and pressure bearing(s) to install balancers and pulleys with ease
  • Long reach installer utilizes a heavy-duty, friction-free nut and pressure bearing assembly
  • Offers more applications than other sets on the market
  • Comes in a blow-molded case