14-Piece Slide Hammer and Puller Set

PART NO: 49700

A versatile tool that can be used in many ways. The 2 lbs. slide hammer and array of attachments can be utilized to aid in pulling seals, bearings, pressed studs, or even for straightening body panels.

•Slide hammer and accessories can be used in many applications
•Capable of inside spreads from 3/8″ to 1 ¼“ and outer spreads up to 3″
•Puller reaches depths up to 2 ½”
•All components are in a blow-molded case for easy storage and organization

49701 Slide Hammer
49702 Threaded Rod
49703 Screw Adapter
49704 Square Hook
49705 Jaw Adapter
49706 Two-Jaw Puller
49707 Hook Puller
49708 Locking Pins
49709 Cone Rod
49710 Small Jaws (2 pcs)
49711 Large Jaws (2 pcs)
49712 T-Handle
49713 Blow-Molded Storage Case

MSRP: $97.77

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